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Wheelchair accessories and parts can ease the life of a person who is confined in a wheelchair. There are many simple accessories that can be added. They seem insignificant, but you will surprise to find out that they can be big helps for a handicapped person.

There is a wheelchair accessory that can adjust the over chair table for right or left handed users. You can raise it up and down with only one hand. This is an important addition for people who need to do many activities on a desk. It is also lightweight and has large casters so it still can move easily even if the person is alone.

A small tote attached to the side of the chair is another useful wheelchair accessory that you want to consider. It allows the users to put certain things close at hand, such as magazines, books, and the remote control for TV. If you add a holder for cups or bottles, the users can travel around the house conveniently.

It is common for a person to do several minor adjustments in the house. Of course proper tools are needed to do these adjustments. If you attach a small tool kit in a roll up pouch onto your wheelchair, this is an excellent wheelchair accessory to accommodate your hobby. However, you should remember that any major repair or improvement should be done by professionals.

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Special totes for various items can be attached to the back of the seat so a wheelchair user will have a place to put the stuffs that they purchase while maintaining free movement to control the wheelchair around. Even a small tote can be attached onto the arm of the chair to hold various small items. These totes and pouches are available in various sizes depending on the items that will be stored in them.

There are still various accessories that you can consider, such as gloves, cushions, armrests, umbrellas, and covers to protect your wheelchair. There are also several types of wheelchair tires that allow you to travel on various surfaces like sand, pavement, or carpet. Some essential wheelchair accessories will indeed make the life of a wheelchair user more convenient and easy.

All of these accessories have different prices, but usually they are relatively inexpensive. The price normally is less than $100. The internet is a convenient tool that can help you to find more information on wheelchair accessory.

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